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Alcohol Inks and Silk





Alcohol ink artists are always looking for new ways to use alcohol inks on other substrates. More and more alcohol ink artists have asked if alcohol ink would work for fabric. I have a long history with silk painting and even teach silk painting online. ( Even though silk painting dyes and silk paints are much more conducive to a large project of painting on fabric and silk …I still wondered what techniques we could adapt to alcohol inks and silk? Some of the things I will share is my mad scientist’s experiments using resist such as gutta, water-based acrylic resist, and wax. I will suggest ways to set the inks on fabric and what can we do with it. I will show you how this could turn into a lovely applique to adhere to another substrate in one example I put it on my painting apron. The possibilities are endless! Francine Dufour Jones

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