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Alcohol Ink Master Class with Sheryl Williams

From Drips to Drama

Learn to paint with alcohol ink starting from the very basics through creating masterful, realistic paintings.  This comprehensive Master course covers it all!
Grow your art skills for use with alcohol ink AND other mediums, as well! Click here to learn more.

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About Sheryl Williams

I love to teach. My classes are building blocks of techniques and tools that develop the necessary skills to express the art within you. And nothing thrills me more than my students finding their artistic voice through Alcohol Inks.

There are three basic styles of Alcohol Ink painting:

Spontaneous (Abstract), Loose (Representational) and Controlled (Realistic or detailed). My personal style is Controlled, mastering a seemingly uncontrollable medium. Look at these examples below. Where are you and where would you like to be?

It would be my pleasure to guide you on your Alcohol Ink journey from spontaneous to controlled.  I’m always exploring why the inks behave the way they do, and which materials and tools create certain effects. And I’m constantly sharing my detailed experiments with my students and asking for their input.

Born in Los Angeles, CA, I now reside in Delta, CO.  I began painting in 2011 through an art journaling class.  Inspired by the book “Paint watercolors That Dance With Light” by Elizabeth Kincaid, I taught myself watercolor and developed a distinct, detailed style by painting with an almost dry brush. My Alcohol Ink and Watercolor painting shave won numerous awards including a juried exhibition.

I began working with Alcohol Ink in 2013 and was shocked by the rich colors and movement of the inks.  What would take me three months to paint with watercolor was just a matter of days with the inks.  I had an epiphany when I began to add pens and markers to the inks.  There was no limit as long as you are willing to test and experiment and find out “why?” I have been teaching online since 2015 and have hundreds of students worldwide.