Francine Dufour Jones

Hello Everyone!

My name is Francine Dufour Jones and I love pure bright color! I do many art forms but lately the ones that call to me in which I can  express my love of color are alcohol inks.

I also enjoy  alcohol inks, silk painting, oils, acrylics, pastels and digital painting. You can see all my art forms online at Art by Francine. This blog is about sharing some wonderful tips I have learned from experience and from other alcohol ink painters all over the world. Some tips come from discussions on various groups online.

When I first saw a photo of an alcohol ink painting online I got so excited about the beautiful pure intensity of color!

I have been a silk painter for years and alcohol inks had the same magnetic pull to me because of the dynamic intensity of colors.  I decided I must find out about this vibrant medium.  I took classes and read everything I could find on using alcohol inks.  I had many learning experiences through trial and error, and finally success.  I enjoy sharing what I have learned and new techniques. I teach in person and online classes.  I am so amazed and thankful for the wonderful alcohol ink painters I have met along the way who are willing to share their tips and art. I am grateful for the time we live in and how the Internet has made the world a small place. I am in awe of the technology that allows us to communicate with each other. There is instant translation so that language is no longer a barrier. Wow…. what magic!

Why I Love Alcohol Inks

I love pure bright color! I do many art forms but lately the one that call to me in which I can express my love of color is alcohol ink.

I am enchanted with the way the inks flow as if they have their own agenda. It is like having a secret painting partner.

Alcohol inks can be like meditation or therapy, it can be loose and wild or smooth and controlled (somewhat). I thoroughly enjoy the diversity this medium can offer. I also love seeing how it touches everyone’s art spirit at whatever skill level they may be at. Everyone can play!