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Alcohol Ink Artist and Instructor

Sandy Sandy

Named by my parents, Sandra Sandy, I have always been known as Sandy Sandy in everyday life. My online identity, SpiritArtist came about after connecting with my Native American heritage, followed by years of creating art through an earth-based, spiritual perspective. I was born in the mid-fifties and grew up in the 60’s. Self-expression through art has taken many forms through the years but has always been a lifelong pursuit. I’m living my childhood dream of living in the country, surrounded by animals, nature and creating every day. A lover of color, (especially turquoise), I feel something’s personally lacking when I’m not wearing it.
I do my painting in a bright, spacious studio built onto the house in 2001. Giving demos and classes at Sandarosa Studio and other locations from New York City to Florida, connects me to dozens of artists every year, but it just isn’t enough. With my online offerings, I hope to touch the hearts and connect with the minds of others traveling the art dream-way. My aim is to fan the creative flames that lie within you. Since I went to school BC (before computers), I never imagined being able to connect and share my passion and delight with so many other like-minded, creative spirits.  I am so happy to be living in an age when I can reach out, spread love and positivity and potentially touch millions of people with the simple click of a button.

After painting mainly in watercolor for over 40 years, experimenting and playing with alcohol inks has brought more fun into my life, turbocharged the imagination and sparked my creative soul. My wish is that through learning, loving and creating, it will do the same for you! The launch of my e-course in 2016 ushered in new beginnings and adventures. My advice to the artists I teach is to lighten up, be your own best friend, enjoy your art and focus on the process of creating. As Emerson said; “Scatter joy!” Please visit my website: to see all my art Instruction offerings, current paintings and prints, free tips, videos, and links to all my social media pages

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