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My name is Serena. I teach in-person and online art classes and am a contributor with the Alcohol Ink Art Society. I’m a registered nurse and curriculum developer, which means I’m left-brained, but I love art which means I’m also right-brained!

I’m mostly self-taught in several different mediums, including watercolor and acrylic. I have a special interest in working with pastes and gels. When I discovered Alcohol Inks, they really changed my life and opened my art world up, and I set out to learn everything I could about them. When I started selling my abstract pieces, people really loved them and started asking me many questions so they could also learn the medium. I decided to create videos to explain the fundamentals of Alcohol Inks and make that information accessible to everyone, which led to my Alcohol Ink YouTube channel, “Alcohol Inks: A-Z.”

I also joined the Alcohol Ink Art Community as a contributor and presented at my first online conference in Fall 2018. I’m known for my abstract work and my love of metallics and mixing Alcohol inks with other mediums. I tend to take a very science-driven, step-by-step approach to my work because I believe if you understand it, you’re closer to replicating it. I hope my teaching style resonates with you and you learn lots of cool stuff!

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