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Welcome to your Master Course.  We are going to have an exciting adventure together exploring and creating with Alcohol Inks. Here is a quick guide to allow you to select where you would like to study. The guide is the order most will take the courses. Click on any item for the live link to open it up directly.


MC01 Level 1 Beginning Alcohol Inks

MC01 Sunset Bird 

MC10 Level 2 Tools and Techniques

MC11 Fall Maple Leaf

MC12 Tracing That Works For You

MC13 For The Love Of Color

MC14 Framing Alcohol Ink Prints And Paintings

MC20 Level 3 Pets

MC21 How To Use Deep Dream Generator

MC22 It’s All About The Light

MC23 Online Tools And Apps To Work With Your Reference Photos

MC30 Level 4 Water

MC31 All About Perspective


Of course you can follow the list in the order listed here. I recommend that you complete Level 1 and Level 2 before going on to Level 3 or Level 4. Some people would like to paint Water before they paint Pets.