Beautiful Blooms in a Glass Vase Alcohol Ink Painting


Sold By: Denise Johnson

In this lesson, I reveal all my “secrets” on how I paint my beautiful free form flower arrangements in a watery look glass vase.  All will be revealed!

I post quite a few floral paintings on our Alcohol Ink Art Community and Society Facebook pages.  I get a lot of questions asking how I do it, especially the beautiful watery glass effect of the vase and would I please do a video!  Enough to say, videos can be challenging for me.  I don’t turn them out well polished and rehearsed but I think you’ll enjoy and learn from watching me paint in my own loose style.  I’ll show you the different techniques and tools I use to create this beautiful vase of blooms.

My way of painting is quite simple really…I paint intuitively, always paying attention to where the inks are leading, what they’re doing and what they’re telling me.  My goal is to keep the energy free flowing and things spontaneous.   Leading the inks at times and also taking them where they naturally want to go. To me ink painting feels like meditation and dancing both at the same time!  It makes me very happy.

When I paint, and I paint almost everyday, I often change direction on a dime.  I don’t get too hung up on a little doodad that I think has to be saved at all costs…unless of course it does.  I pay attention to that feeling I get when that little voice says “Do this!”  So I do!  Many times the direction I’m taken ends up being a completely different painting than what I thought I was going to paint.  I might think flower vase and end up with a landscape or a crazy looking chicken.  That’s ok, I’ll take it and I’m grateful.

I don’t follow any hard and fast rules when I paint.  I don’t believe there are any.  I know I’m free to try just about anything I want and believe me I have!  But there’s always something else to try.  The combinations are endless, to infinity and beyond!

So sit back, relax and watch.  The first time through, I highly recommend just watching me paint rather than trying to paint along with me.  Paint along the next time you watch the video or just go for it without watching it again.  You’ll hear my voice inside your head guiding you along.  You’ll remember moves I made, a technique I used. Take what you’ve learned from the video and add to your knowledge by just painting!  Trust your instincts, and you will learn so much!  My demonstration should inspire you to paint your own unique way.  There’s no need to copy my style which is in fact, impossible given the free spirit of the inks.  Paint enough and you’ll soon find your spirit ink voice and it will be beautiful!

-Denise Johnson


So when and if you decide to paint your version of this vase of blooms, , YOU ARE FREE TO TRY ANYTHING YOU WANT… any color, any order – paint the flowers first, paint the vase first, paint the background first.  It’s up to you.  Use a completely different palette or mix and match.  Not that you need it, but I give you my permission to do whatever you want!  For me alcohol ink painting is not a paint by number world.  Have fun and then have more.