Alcohol Ink Tree Paint Along with Vera Worthington

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Sold By: Vera Worthington
Join us for a live alcohol ink paint-along session with Vera Worthington this Sunday, April 10 at 7:30 EDT. Many of you have admired Vera’s tree paintings, now she will lead us in painting one or two (time permitting)!
– 5×7″ substrate of your choice (Nara Paper, Craft Plastic, Durabright, back of photo paper, etc, but one that will wipe back to white)
– Alcohol inks: Vera will be using Ranger inks, but you can use any inks in any colors you’d like! Recommended colors: Sky colors: Slate (or any gray) or Sailboat Blue (or any blue); Rocks: Pebble or Latte (or your choice of light to medium brown); Tree trunk: Pitch Black (or Copic Black 100 or any black) or Espresso or Teakwood (or any dark brown); Leaves: Rosewood (or any crimson/burgundy color) or ANY COLOR you’d like (purple, orange, red, yellow, green, brown, purple)
– a variety of paint brushes including a Deerfoot brush (if you have one) or a blender brush or round bristle brush to create leaves. Felt pads with stamper may also be used for leaves
– welled palette (water color type)
– clean isopropyl alcohol and some in jars for cleaning brushes
– PPE: gloves, respirator and/or well ventilated area to work