Alcohol Ink Master Course


Sold By: Sheryl Williams

Includes a 30 weeks of Alcohol Ink Courses from the Beginning to Fine Art Painting.

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Flexible payment plan:  Pay in full here or make 3 monthly payments.

Courses included are:

  • Level 1 Beginning Alcohol Inks ($75)
  • Bonus: Sunset Bird
  • Level 2 Tools and Technique ($95)
  • Bonus: Tracing That Works for You (AF)
  • Bonus: Fall Maple Leaf
  • Bonus: For the Love of Color
  • Bonus: Framing Alcohol Ink Prints and Paintings ($20)
  • Level 3 Pets ($150)
  • Bonus: How to Use Deep Dream Generator
  • Bonus: It’s all About the Light (AF)
  • Bonus: Online Tools and Apps to Work with Your Reference Photos (AF)
  • Level 4 Water ($130)
  • Bonus: All About Perspective (AF)