Announcing CreateSmART Academy, Online Art School for Alcohol Ink & Mixed Media

Introducing CreateSmART Academy, Online Art School for Alcohol Ink & Mixed Media

April 3, 2020 – USA

Today we are excited to announce the launch of a new online art academy for alcohol ink and mixed media art.  The new academy will serve as an online “schoolhouse” for many students interested in learning and improving techniques and styles.   The academy will also serve as a teaching platform for art instructors teaching alcohol ink and mixed media art.

The CreateSmART Academy is a collaboration of some of the top alcohol ink art instructors teaching online.   Our initial team includes Sheryl Williams, Teresa Brown, Korinne Carpino, Kellie Chasse, Linda Crocco, Sharen AK Harris, Denise Johnson, Francine Dufour Jones, Teri Jones, Helene Rush, Sandy Sandy, Peta Wakeham, Karen Walker, Serena Webber, and Laurie Williams.

The CreateSmART Academy will launch with over 75 digital courses and eLessons, making it the largest single location for instruction in alcohol ink and mixed media.  The number of courses is expected to exceed 100 in the coming weeks as additional courses and lessons are added.  There are instruction options for everyone at every level.

Many of the courses are already available to members of the Alcohol Ink Art Society. Those courses are marked “Society” on the website so that the Alcohol Ink Art Society members know that they can attend those courses with the Society website.  Even though many of the lessons are available to Society members, we felt there is a subset of people who may choose to acquire these lessons on an individual basis.  Most of the Society resources are lessons rather than full courses.

For those interested in more in-depth courses, the CreateSmART Academy features courses previously available in the Sheryl Williams’ Academy of Alcohol Inks.   The CreateSmART Academy is the new home for these courses.   These range from simpler paint-along art courses to lengthy comprehensive instruction on art fundamentals.  All previous students of the Academy of Alcohol Inks have been transferred to the CreateSmART Academy meaning users can use their same login credentials to access courses purchased in the Academy of Alcohol Ink.

Courses only available in the CreateSmART Academy are marked “SELECT.”

Features of All Lessons and Courses

  • Private access to quality instruction
  • LIFETIME Access to courses & lessons purchased
  • Account Manager for easy access to all lessons purchased
  • Prepare for Class Instruction on how to navigate and use the website
  • Membership to the CreateSmART Academy Private Facebook group for discussion
  • Progress at your own pace


Message from Sheryl Williams, Founder of the Academy of Alcohol Ink

I am thrilled to expand your eLearning possibilities with this new hub of online Learning. All four full extensive Level Courses that take from 3 to 12 weeks to complete and the 40+ paint along classes, including Serena’s marvelous Fluid Abstractions and the wonderful classes from Sharen, Korinne, Peta, Helene, Teresa, and Anastasia have now merged with Laurie Williams’ Alcohol Ink Society classes to form CreateSmART will be the hub of eLearning for Alcohol Ink and Mixed Media learning for many, many teachers allowing you to expand your skills, abilities and creative expression.

Message from Laurie Williams, Founder of the Alcohol Ink Art Community & Society

I’m beyond excited to bring this new resource to students wanting to learn how to create with alcohol ink and mixed media!   My vision for this new platform is to encourage those who want to learn to paint, create, or improve their skills a comprehensive resource to learn a variety of techniques and styles.   I also am excited to offer a new platform where instructors can host their lessons and courses.


About CreateSmART Academy

The CreateSmART Academy is an online art school focusing on the instruction of alcohol ink and mixed media art.  The academy features instructional options from simple 20-minute lessons to comprehensive art instruction.  Instruction is delivered by video instruction, demonstration, and downloadable materials and resources.   The courses and lessons are brought to you by leading instructors from the alcohol ink and the mixed-media space.


CreateSmART Academy was launched in April 2020 by a team of Alcohol Ink and Mixed Media art instructors.  The academy began as a merger of two major sources of alcohol ink art instruction — Sheryl Williams’s Academy of Alcohol Ink and from the Alcohol Ink Art Society.   The purpose was to consolidate a large pool of instructional resources for alcohol ink and mixed media art and to create a platform for the entire team of alcohol ink and mixed media instructor to host and sell their future courses.

Media and Instructor Contact

Laurie Williams