Alcohol Inks & Mixed Media Flowering Imagination


Sold By: Francine Dufour Jones

This workshop explores mixing alcohol inks with other mediums on different surfaces.
Magic happens when we mix alcohol ink with other mediums and apply these to different surfaces.
It’s playtime! Learn how to corral the shimmering colors and create vibrant, enchanting images.

Give yourself to the magic, explore dimensions of color with limitless possibilities. Everyone is welcome to play and create here.

Lose yourself in the enchantment of your own creativity exploring the dimensions of colors with limitless possibilities. No matter your skill or experience, anyone can play.

What will you learn in this delightful realm of creativity:

How the ink, colors and surfaces react to create unique images and feeling tones.
How to enjoy creating beautiful art without any hesitation.
How to approach your art with confidence, skill and creative anticipation.
Best of all, discover the style that is uniquely your own.
You will discover:

How different mediums interact with each other.
Things to know to get started

Secrets to:

  • Easily build your confidence and skills
  • How to discover your own unique style.
  • How to overcome fear of starting.
  • How to finish your mixed media pieces.