Alcohol Ink Master Course

with award-winning artist and instructor, Sheryl Williams

Take your art from “drips to drama” and become an alcohol ink master!

Why Alcohol Inks?

Alcohol inks are rapidly becoming a medium for artists around the world.  It’s no wonder why alcohol ink is so popular.  Their fluid, spontaneous nature make them unpredictable and fun.  Their vibrant colors allow you to create artwork that literally pops off the page.

Alcohol inks are a great medium for artists of all levels.  At first try, alcohol inks may seem fun, but limited.  But that’s far from the truth. With a little instruction and some proven techniques, alcohol ink can be used to create masterful works of art, envied by even the most accomplished art critics.

Sheryl Williams is an artist and educator who works in many mediums including watercolor, oil and alcohol ink.   Her unique experience working across various mediums makes her an intuitive instructor, carrying over techniques into the world of alcohol ink.

Gain the skills and confidence to:

  • Create masterful works of art
  • Be featured in art galleries
  • Compete in art shows
  • Become a published artist
  • Wow your friends and family
  • Sell your artwork

What You’ll Learn in this Course

This is a comprehensive course on painting with alcohol ink.  Sheryl starts with the most basics and takes her students through the process of not only mastering alcohol inks, but creating art with skills and techniques that span across most mediums.  Through this course, you’ll grow from “drips to drama” with alcohol ink and improve tremendously as an artist


The Basics of Alcohol Inks

A fundamental understanding of alcohol ink  — how they flow, how to control them and ultimately how to use their characteristics in your favor — will relieve beginner frustration and help you advance to the next level in no time.  The first level of this course will get you over the beginner hump quickly and expedite your journey from “drips to drama.”

Art Fundamentals

In this comprehensive master course, you will not only learn the ins and outs of painting with alcohol ink, you will learn essential art skills and fundamentals that will make you a successful artist regardless of medium. You will gain the knowledge and expertise that will equip you to stand out from other artists, gain credibility from your work and attract more fans.

Advanced Alcohol Ink Skills

Not only will you learn the fundamentals and beginner techniques and tips, you’ll also learn intermediate and advanced techniques to take your art to the next level!

Meet Sheryl Williams

Born in Los Angeles, CA, Sheryl now resides in Delta, CO.  She began painting in 2011 as a self-taught watercolor artist which allowed her to develop a distinct, detailed style by painting with an almost dry brush. Sheryl’s Alcohol Ink and Watercolor paintings have won numerous awards. 

“It would be my pleasure to guide you on your Alcohol Ink journey from spontaneous to controlled — from drips to drama.” – Sheryl

What’s Included in the Alcohol Ink Masterclass

This comprehensive alcohol ink course covers four levels of alcohol ink, plus some supplemental training on fundamentals such as light, perspective and strategic use of color and value.  These valuable lessons will help you become a better artist — not just in alcohol ink, but in any medium you encounter.


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sw-beginning course

Level 1 – Alcohol Ink for Beginners

Learn to use alcohol ink with skills that are transferable to other mediums.


  • How does it move?
  • Why does it do what it does?
  • Role of the alcohol (the vehicle): High, medium, low alcohol content, alcohol vs water
  • Difference on different substrates, yupo vs tile, lifting and staining differences
  • Characteristics of the colors
  • Techniques: – pouring
  • Blending, sealing
  • Textures
  • Tools: Brushes
  • Using Masking tools
  • 14 step by step activities to paint
  • 4 step by step projects to paint
Alcohol Ink Master Class - Sheryl williams - Puffin

Level 2 –  Tools & Techniques

Learn to use alcohol ink with skills that are transferable to other mediums.


  • How to deliver the ink
  • Painting with brushes, brush control, brush quality –  works for multiple mediums
  • Using Markers – characteristics, selection, storage
  • Using Pens – characteristics of different kinds of inks   How to use with AI
  • Best blacks and whites – most often used as there are not perfect whites or black inks
  • Fine masking techniques that work for multiple mediums
  • Blending tools
  • 17 step by step projects to paint
SW - Pets Alcohol Ink Course

Level 3 – Pets 

Learn Art Principles through Alcohol Ink. Focused on Pets – Cats, Dogs & Poultry


  • Cats – painting eyes observation and then painting
  • Fur map – Observation and then paint
  • Fur sampler – Observation and then paint
  • Painting in Layers
  • Value Study
  • Choosing a great reference photo
  • Apply what you have learned with your own image
  • Papillon – use right value, wrong color
  • Hound Dog – use a water-brush; transferable to watercolor
  • Composition – Rule of Thirds
  • Painting Feathers observe and paint
  • Feathers as an abstract
  • Painting in a Loose Style
  • 12 step by step projects to paint
Sheryl Williams - Water alcohol Ink course

Level 4 –  Water

Learn Art Principles through Alcohol Ink. Focused on Water


  • Understanding water
  • Understanding Reflections
  • Paint reflections in the water
  • Value Study
  • Apply what you have learned
  • Color Mixing
  • Paint Rocks and Moving Water
  • Oceans
  • Windows and mirrors – Observing Ocean Water
  • Foam and waves
  • Big Ocean Wave
  • Sunset on the Water focus on observation and application
  • Paint Sunset on the Water
  • 8 step by step projects to paint

BONUS!   Sunset Bird

Paint this lovely bird silhouette at sunset. In this lesson you will learn how to:

  • Pour with your inks
  • Trace/draw an image
  • Use a marker on top of an Alcohol Ink Pour

BONUS!   Fall Maple Leaf

In this class you will learn:

  • How to trace/draw an image
  • Use masking fluid to retain your primary subject
  • Pour a background
  • How to trace/draw when the masking fluid is removed
  • Use brushes to paint your maple leaf
  • Use markers for some emphasis
  • Use a Ranger mini mister to add texture.

BONUS!  For the Love of Color

In this class you will learn:

  • History of color wheel
  • Simultaneous Contrast – Color shift when paired with other colors
  • Cool vs Warm Colors
  • Mixing Inks
  • Color schemes with examples

BONUS!  Framing Your Alcohol Ink Prints and Paintings

Learn how to frame your Alcohol Ink Prints and Paintings with Wooden frames. Find out the materials that are used. You’ll appreciate your framers but you can do it yourself and save money.

BONUS!  How to Use Deep Dream Generator to Stimulate Your Creativity

Learn how to use the powerful Deep Dream Generator website to create exciting modifications to your reference photos. Learn how to change colors and textures to create electrifying paintings.

BONUS!  It’s All About the Light

Light is that breathtaking dimension that makes your painting “pop”, that get people to stop in their tracks when they see your painting. Learn how to select the most effective lighting in your reference photos that will translate to your paintings.

BONUS!  Online Tools

Learn how to use Pixlr Editor to crop and print your images. Experience a web based and an app based program to take color samples to create color swatches. Color swatching will improve your ability to see colors and select your materials.

BONUS!  Perspective

In this presentation, Sheryl takes the complex concept of perspective and simplifies it so you can understand how to use it to add depth to your paintings and get your buildings and structures “right”.

Works and Words from Sheryl’s Students

An Absolute MUST!!!! Ginny McCartha-Smith

Sheryl’s classes are an absolute MUST!!!! I had been painting with Alcohol Inks for about a year and was getting rather frustrated because I just couldn’t control the ink. Since taking her classes, I have learned so much and truly enjoy using the inks now. The classes are easy to follow and fun to do. If you have any questions at all, she is always available to answer and or help.

You Will Rise to New Levels in Your Art - Sue Swain

It’s been a privilege to be in classes with Sheryl, and also to excel in alcohol ink because of Sheryl’s excellent teaching. Sheryl puts her heart and soul in learning new things herself and exploring new ways to teach her students. She is an encourager as well as teacher. I have done some paintings that I wasn’t happy with, and Sheryl and others were there to encourage me, and at times give me tips from their own experiences with alcohol ink. These classes are non-threatening, and you will rise to new levels in your art. I recommend any of Sheryl’s classes.

Thanks Sheryl for investing in me.

Well organized and thoroughly explained and demonstrated - Mary Smith

I truly enjoy the alcohol ink classes at Sheryl Williams Art. There is a lot of content in each course, and each lesson is well organized and thoroughly explained and demonstrated. It’s great that class participants can share their work on Facebook, ask questions and receive feedback from Sheryl every day. I also like being able to work at my own pace. I have learned so much and look forward to taking my next course.

Can't Wait For More! - Gwen Dexter

I have learned so much from Sheryl and her classes that I cannot wait for more! Sheryl is an Excellent artist and instructor who will share all her knowledge and wisdom when it comes to her students. Can’t wait for more!

I'm Amazed at what I can do with Sheryl's classes - Katrina Carnagey

The Level 1 class gave me greater confidence in the different ways that AI can move and how to take advantage of that in different applications.

The Level 2 class expanded this with techniques and tools to create some beautiful works of realistic art. I found this class very exciting.

Level 3 I am still working through. I am continuing to learn and be amazed at what I can do with Sheryl’s classes and suggestions for improvement.

Highly Recommended - Janie Bowthorpe

Not only is Sheryl a great instructor in the skills of alcohol ink, she’s got a very soothing and encouraging voice in her videos! She works hard at what she does and gives a helping hand. Highly recommended.

I Couldn't Have Achieved this elsewhere - Karen Dawes Colley

I can’t begin to say enough great things about the talent, integrity and teaching skills exhibited by Sheryl. Her personalized guidance has taught me so much about alcohol ink and it’s properties that I couldn’t have achieved elsewhere. I and others can see my artistic improvement since taking her classes. I highly recommend her classes–you won’t regret a single one.

Sheryl's Classes Have Changed My Life! - Karen Hansen

Sheryl’s alcohol ink classes have changed my life! Not only is she a fabulous artist, she is a wonderful teacher. I have learned more in her classes than any other art class I have taken. She is always available to answer questions and give wonderful advice. I highly recommend her alcohol ink classes!

Featured Artworks from Sheryl’s Students

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